What is mesh count and how to know what’s the best mesh for me

To ensure successful screen printing, it's essential to choose the right mesh count for your project. New screen printers often find this overwhelming, but we've made it easier by offering curated Screen Printing Kits for T-Shirts, Fabric, Paper, and Card, with wooden and aluminium screens. Mesh count refers to the number of threads that cross each other per square inch of the screen. A 42 mesh screen has 42 threads crossing per square inch. Higher mesh counts mean finer holes in the screen and less ink can pass through, making them ideal for detailed designs. The appropriate mesh count depends on the level of detail and ink thickness. Screens come in different mesh counts for different printing needs. We use the UK mesh count, which measures threads per centimetre. A conversion chart is provided for US Mesh measurements. Our high-quality, monofilament polyester mesh is durable and easy to print with. We recommend different mesh counts for different substrates, with 43T being the most commonly used. Higher mesh counts offer better detail and controlled ink deposit.